2013 RaceFace Mud Crutch review

Installation was super simple
For 2013 RaceFace updated and re-released their mud crutch, this new version uses a mylar construction of laced woven elastic, instead of neoprene.  

Lets be honest, I don't live in England, I have however become over joyed with riding. The past few days I have ridden back to back. Sixty degree highs have melted most of the snow and caused some rather sloppy conditions. Normally I would say not to ride, but these trails drain well and are not damaged by mountain bikers who ride them in adverse conditions.

My first ride without the mud crutch resulted in me being completely covered in mud all over my face even with a crud guard on the downtube. I decided that the best test would be to go back out and get rowdy in the mud. I rode some trails that are a bit more local to me, which don't get nearly as muddy as the other ones. After I was done the bike was a bit muddy but I decided to go on some of the atv/4x4 trails. These trails rival the Punk Bike Enduro trails of yesteryear.

The mudcrutch performed perfectly, it kept
way more mud off of the front of my body and kept my visibility up way more than the previous ride beforehand (which was lacking the mudcrutch). I will be providing a much more in depth review of it once I
wash it and thrash it some more.

In closing simply out for the ~$14 used price tag I would say it is definitely worth it. It is super light easy to use and worked wonders. It had a better mount than the other similar front splash guards I have used. I like this a lot. Go buy one now.

Reviewer was not payed by raceface or and subsidiary for this review.