Saturday, February 28, 2015

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Mike's Custom Mukluk

I am always happy to get someone on a bike, its been a lifelong goal of mine even when I wasn't in the industry.  The joy I get from seeing someone who is stoked on their bike far outweighs much in my life aside from getting out on a bike and getting lost.  Mike contacted us about going the custom route with a budget, and we were happy to oblige, we even managed to put a Chris King headset on it and some Jeff Jones bars.  I you can dream it, we can build it.  I waited until sunset to shoot Mikes bike and in an undisclosed location I was able to find some beautiful natural light.  This Salsa Cycles Mukluk is built with a mix of SRAM component, 45NRTH VanHelga tires, set up tubeless on Surly Rolling Daryls (yep we do this a lot).  Keeping with the orange and green theme we used orange housing, a Mango Chris King headset and orange RaceFace cranks boots (these are excellent out here and keep the rocks from damaging cranks)  Mikes preference for Jones bars is something a fair amount of riders prefer on rigid bikes (myself included). Enjoy the photos, for more info on this bike check here.

Friday, February 27, 2015

FROSTBIKE 2015: Interbike Without The Suck

Bob from Surly rocks a D.FENDER

I loved Frostbike, from the awesome people I've met, fantastic seminars I've attended to the aisles of products that I actually care about, this was Interbike without all of the suck!  After two days of walking around the show in between seminars here are some product shots from the event.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Video-10 Years Of Fatbikes

After seeing the Romolino Fatbike at Interbike this year, I am pretty stoked to be invited to Frostbite this year.  I expect to see some pretty special stuff and post it up here when I can.  Looking forward to this, thanks QBP...

Monday, February 9, 2015

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Erik's Salsa Bucksaw Custom Build, Hope UK & D.FENDER

In my effort to catch up with all of the stuff thats been going on lately, I neglected posting this bike.  Eric came to us in similar fashion to what we are seeing a lot of lately, people are dumping their Specialized bikes like bad habits.  We were happy to oblige, and took off his drivetrain that was ridden once, and built up something cool around it.  We handbuilt Hope UK hubs laced up to Surly Large Marge Lite bronze rims, added some SRAM cranks, a 1x10 drivetrain with a Wolftooth components 42T that is made right here in the USA.  Continuing on with the USA made theme we added a stealth D.FENDER to his build.  SRAM makes some pretty awesome brakes nowadays, the guide brakes help with the stopping power, while the RockShox Bluto helps to gain some speed.  Lastly the 45NRTH Huskr Du tires are one of our favorite tires, and set up tubeless really easily (even though they aren't a tubeless tire).  You have Fatbike Dreams?  We can make them come true, as we do daily here.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Climb With A Cause

This really makes me want to get out and climb on the road bike.  I wish we had mountains around here.  Can spring come quickly, or at least get the plow trucks to do a bit of a better job.

Lone Wolf Cycling Wool Winter Caps

If you were paying attention to instagram last week you m,ay have seen Lone Wolf Cycling had began production a new wool winter cap.  I believe you can never have enough caps, and this is definitely on my list of things to get.  If the handmade quality didn't get you, Lone Wolf is a Pennsylvanian company.

Check them out here;

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ride Report: City Cycle FATurday Ride, #coffeeoutside & Some Good People

After being sick immediately following Frozen Fat, it sure was nice to get out enjoy some riding and partake in #coffeeoutside.  Not sure what all of it is about?  Fresh ground coffee, boiling water and apparently a pretty great view.  This is a change of pace from the typical FATurday and we left the technical riding at home in search of great times and a chill but moderate pace.  There were so man snowmobiles out today, it sure was crazy.  For the safety of our fury friends, due to the location we asked that no one bring dogs today and with all of the sleds out shredding it was a good call.  We are dog lovers here.  Enjoy a mix of color and black and white images from today, it sure was awesome to enjoy the beautiful weather we had.  Want to join us for a ride check out this link.

Friday, February 6, 2015

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: John's Fatback Ti, Bluto & D.FENDER

I've known John for a long time, and he's had good taste in bikes ever since his first MTB (which he coincidently bought off of me).   This bike is no exception,  removing the entire old build and starting over again, we started with a custom wheel build featuring Made In USA Industry 9 hubs, and Carbon fatbike rims.  SRAM XX1 seemed like the only logical build for this bike, from the Carbon Cranks to the carbon shift lever, there is plenty of plastic on this beauty.  The final nail in the coffin was the RockShox Bluto fork (with Stealth D.FENDER installed), to calm down the chunder.  John has some nice bikes that see a lot of use, cause remember if you're on the internet talking about riding, you're not riding...

Monday, February 2, 2015

RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Rick's Bluto Equipped Salsa Mukluk Ti.

I love this bike, its was in my top three favorites that went out of the shop last year, between the Hope UK hubs, Chris King Headset, and the 45NRTH Huskr Du tires, this thing is dialed.  Rick liked it so much that he decided to upgrade to the Rockshox Bluto fork, something that was extremely easy to do thanks to the Hope hubs.  The Bluto really adds some extra forgiveness for your forearms.  One of my favorite things to do are Bluto conversions, simply because it helps people get out for even more riding.

Jordan Low: Geekhouse Jazzy Jeff

Thursday, January 29, 2015

RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Trek Superfly SS, Purp Edition

Black and purple is a combo that you can thank Black Sabbath for.  Not only is this bike super light, simple and beautiful, it has something that most every other out of the box bike has, some personality,  I don't know what it is about it, but it has me pondering getting another single speed.  Enjoy the photos.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Ride Report: What Can Fatbikes Do For You?

Its not that I am on a rant or anything, but it sure is nice to not be limited by the season when it comes to riding a bike.  We chose to ride a rail trail in 4-5" of snow the other day and it proved to be a fun ride.  Playing on the side of the rail trail was necessary and fun was had by all.  Enjoy some pictures from the ride.  These are the types of rides that anyone can enjoy.  Check out City Cycle for more info, or check FACEBOOK for info on rides.

Mission Workshop: Escape North

This just does it for me;  getting out and enjoying nature even in the tundra,  this is and especially beautiful cinematic piece.

Escape North from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

FRZNFT 2015: Day 2 No Bitching Or Moaning

Remember, no bitching or moaning.  Last year for me was about finishing.  This year I decided that since I wasn't puking my guts out for the month prior that I would try and knock some time off from last year, I finished, and a bit quicker than last year, by well over an hour.  It sure was nice to snag a beer when I got back to camp, #mudfootismurder.

More stuff from day 2, it was a long good one... maybe next year I'll just cover it, that would allow me to get some of the shots I really really wanted to get, but didn't want to get off of my bike and stop to take the shot.

Monday, January 19, 2015

FRZNFT 2015: Black & White Rejoice

I've had a lot of people ask me what is Frozen Fat.  Well, other than awesome, its a race where you get dropped off 20+ miles away from civilization (see primitive campground) and you navigate back via a 30mile/3500FT climb or 70mile/7800FT elevation route.   Sounds like fun, that because it is...  I decided to split some of my images up between B&W and color...  

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Dudes Ready To Party or GTFO

I get stoked this time every winter, or erry, as the peddlers of shite music say these days.  But seriously FrozenFat is a sick ass event/weekend of Fatness put on by Evan, and the crew at Rothrock Outfitters, with some help from people who love fatbikes.  In the event's fourth year this is my second (next year I'll totally camp).  The night started with a ride to McMurties tavern for some libations.  While there we picked up our cue sheets, and some people were lucky enough to snag a D.FENDER.  Unmarked courses rock, and the cue sheets, along with tracks help a lot.  After the bar our crew (9 dudes and a Yoder) headed back to the cabin a little faded to screw with bikes, beers, and group wheel building.  In the spirit of Frozen Fat (even though we didn't camp) we had our fill of craft beer.   Drunken stupor helped us sleep amongst the stuffed carcasses of fallen forest critters.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bomb track bikes, The HOOK 2015

If this doesn't make you want to ride a cross bike, then you're drunk, or maybe not drunk enough.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Eric Porter X Subaru

This one doesn't feel like a commercial, its super rad to see how this part of Utah has progressed over the years.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015

GOOD DESIGN: Part 1 Making A Logo, A Process

I've always been one to reach for paper and a pencil when it comes to sketching things out.  Over the years, laying thing out with paper was just so intuitive and natural.  See Aaron Draplin's process for creating here:

Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge from on Vimeo.

Monday, December 29, 2014

RIDE REPORT: City Cycle Faturday Ride More Highland, Thanks Muzzleloading.

Outside is free, and inside is where you work for it.  Free time should be spent doing what you love, no matter what.  Riding bikes is a simple joy that really makes for some rad times with friends...  It nice just riding and messing around.  My legs were shot going into this from a spin class earlier in the day (more on that later) so its a good thing I chose Highland park to organize the ride, as it's pretty flat there.  Edwin even came in after picking up his new Salsa at the shop.  Another City Cycle Saturday Ride was a success, if you want to join or have questions check out here.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Ian's Ice Cream Truck- Teach Me How To Buggey

I like Ian ICT, ever since I saw it the first time, I mean damn, that blue.  Every bike Ian has is running the Watson bars, a similar large sweep bar close to Jones (my personal favorite).  Aside from the Thomson seatpost, stem, and the Watson bars, this is stock, pretty rad for a stock bike.  I may even know a guy that can get you one.  While up from the DC area we were able to outfit his bike with Revelate Designs bags, and a D.FENDER, both made here in the USA.  Enjoy the pics.  For more on the D.FENDER click HERE

Saturday, December 27, 2014

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Edwin's Salsa Beagrease Carbon

There's not too many times I get jealous of bikes, well this in one of those times...  Call it carbon envy or what not, but this is the perfect four season MTB.  The Salsa Beargrease is super light and stiff, and that white, hot damn.  I've heard that there will be suspension in the future.  For more on this bike check out HERE, and as always enjoy the pictures, click on the links and help a brother out.  I'd like to thank Salsa Cycles, Revelate Designs, and City Cycle Supply Inc. for making this happen.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

#FITINTHATKIT: What I Have Done, And What I Need To Do

Over the last few months, I have learned how to control myself, what an actual portion looks like, and ways to get a lot more out of what I am eating.  I also don't drink Soda, and save for some beer (which I will have to cut out even more) I'm on black coffee and water.

I eat a salad for lunch (everyday except sunday),  I want to keep consistency.  I switch between a spinach/banana smoothie, avocado, or something super light for a snack.  Sometimes for breakfast I have either an egg, or a smoothie, and I have to have my coffee.  I try and drink a lot of water... 10-12 glasses a day (8-10) water bottles.

So sticking to eating healthy sure was easy after the first month (332 starting weight at 6'3") but it sure was hard during the first month.  I remember hating it, getting angry and not caring really about much.  My release has been cycling as long as I can remember so I used that to get away from the diet, clear my head and get some exercise (Win/WIN).

My current ride setup is;  Road bike in the trainer, Fatbike for woods action.  I try and get an hour spin in a day and this will certainly keep my legs up.

Im going to keep on keeping on, and since I've been getting super positive responses to this journey, I will start updating this more.  I am currently sitting at 301 lbs.  And now that Ive lost a chunk of weight I want to work harder, do gym workouts, get on my bike as much as possible and keep up the work.  Big things are coming this year!  I can't wait.

A big ol' shout out To Kyle, Sean and Endo Customs!!  Thanks John for the support too!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Rocky Mountain Bicycles: These guys will be on D.FENDER next week.

Well probably not Wade, Tippie, and Gully, but I was able to get some D.FENDER out to the guys that work at Rocky, can't wait to hear what they think.

Fat Free: Fat Bike Freeriding on a Blizzard from Rocky Mountain Bicycles on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Matts's Salsa Mukluk 1x10

It was fun to get to put this thing together, it might be missing a few final parts ala Chris King Sour Apple Headset, but overall converting this thing to 1x10 was the right decision, and will keep the drivetrain clean in the muckiest of situations.  Our future plans for this bike include an Industry wheelset, and some fatter rubber.  Matt was super happy when he picked this up and I just love getting people out on bikes, it really does bring joy to my life.  I was pretty happy to get to play with a different camera and get some super detail shots, do you see the snow?  Photos by Matt Cline & Jarrod Bunk

For more info there will be a post to follow HERE