Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Salsa Cycles X CIty Cycle Demo 2016

Thanks to Rob and Edwin for helping to make this happen, Thanks to Ethan and Salsa Cycles for the demo.  It was a rainy day but everyone had a blast.

Salsa Cycles Demo Day Highland Park, Johnstown, PA from Rob Dorchak on Vimeo.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Ride Report: In It For The Future

Ask anyone who truly cares about riding, one of the best feelings is getting someone new onto a bike.    For those with kids I would think the moment would be getting out and enjoying a ride together.  For me I just wanted to document this after X-Fest this year, I think it was fun for everyone, and some people even got to experience some things for the first time.  Enjoy some stuff from the day.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY- Salsa Cycles Beargrease Suspension w/ D.FENDER, Initial Review

I was lucky enough to get to enjoy this ride for the better part of a week, and I thought I would share my thoughts on how this bike rides.  I don't own this bicycle, I own a Blackborow and this bike shares some of the good things that I LOVE about my blackborow.  I did notice that the turn in on this bike is snappier as expected.  Between the smaller 4" tires, carbon frame, and tubeless wheels, it weighs a good bit less than my current ride, and remains quite playful most of the time.  This bike is a definite keeper, and I hope to make room in my stable for it one day.

Friday, September 18, 2015

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Brian's Salsa Cycles Bucksaw w/ D.FENDER

I had had heard that Brian got rid of his first Bucksaw (a decision he obviously regretted)  I was bummed.  I got a message not too long after that and we started planning another build, a redux, something new with a touch of the old.  Im pretty happy with this build, we were able to spec some Made In USA products including, ENVE bars,  THOMSON Stem, and dropper post, ONYX Racing Fatbike hubs, and the D.FENDER.  The carbon wheels really reduce the overall weight of the build, and together I couldn't get over just how light these wheels turned out.  I will be sad to see this bike go when it gets picked up sometime next week, but that comes with the territory.  

Friday, September 4, 2015

D.FENDER- Some New Stuff Happening

Showing up shortly, I cannot wait for the new V2 D.FENDER.  This one has more coverage, yet, fits 27.5"+ forks better.  The original fatbike fender is back in a design that works well for multiple forks, wheel sizes etc.  For our dealers we have added hang tags, exclusive to our dealers.

- New material
- Made In USA Zip ties (always have been, but new version is stronger)
- Hang tags for dealers
- Fit 27.5" + forks 
- 1 year warranty
- New branding for a more subtle look
- Still made in USA
- Still screen printed in USA
- Color is still black with white logo


Thursday, August 27, 2015


This thing is a beast, but in a good weigh, get it weigh, because it doesn't.  Seriously when did a 120mm dual suspension bike get so light.  I've had the pleasure of riding it a few times and I must say  that initial impressions are quite good.  Twenty-seven point five wheel just accelerate for days, steep up, no problem, quick down no problem, rock garden here, no dab there, you get the drift.  Except I didn't drift, never really breaking traction.  I had one of the only positive experiences with Schwalbe tires I've ever had, the new Knobby Nic V2 tubeless Easy Snakeskin pacestar tires gripped when I wanted them to, even in the wet, even on a pretty fast section of trail.  The lefty made short work of everything I threw at it, and I was blown away at the turn in feeling at speed, just such a stiff dampener.  In all the initial rides on this thing were great, more to come later in the month after a few more rides, but right now this bike is a contender.  In other news sunrise rides are a fantastic way to get your miles in before work, all while experiencing beautiful light for this photoshoot.

Friday, August 21, 2015

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY- Carlo's Salsa Cycles Beargrease Carbon Custom w/ D.FENDER

Carlo made the decision that "fat is where it's at"  a while ago.  Going through this build we chose parts for longevity as well as weight, with weight not being the primary goal, but a 26lb fatbike with pedals is pretty damn good.  Starting with Whiskey Trail Carbon rims, we laced to Industry 9 Hubs (our go to for a reliable, Made In USA hubset) and kept the same matte carbon aesthetic through the whole build.  Frame, rims, bar, and seatpost were all matte.  As an added bonus Carlos snagged a D.FENDER (more on the way this week) .Not sacrificing durability for weight we used tried and true 45NRTH VanHelgas.  Stopping power is delivered by the SRAM Guide RSC brakes. Carlo knew he wanted a fork on this build so we specd the new 2016 Rockshox Bluto RCT3 after spending some time on the new dampener ourselves, this was a no brainer (more on just how much better it is later).  In all this build was a lot of fun and I am sure that Carlo is loving it.  For more info on builds or to schedule your own dream build click this link.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ride Report- Amelia's First Real MTB Ride

It's pretty rad when your significant other gets out for a ride and enjoys it. Even though she not on the best bike she sure was able to make quick work out of the rocks, and her speed was even pretty good. We (Amelia and I) joined Dave and Trista for a little shakedown ride.  Its pretty fun just getting out and enjoying riding for what it is, while also watching someone grow as a rider.  Thanks for the stickers Bike Jerks.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saddle Drive 2015- Horsethief VS Ponyrustler, Is This The New Conejo Rabbit?

Coming in to Saddle Drive this year I knew that I wanted to throw a leg over the Ponyrustler and compare it to the Horsethief.  These two bikes share the same frame and have very unique ride qualities that set each other apart.   I would like to thank Salsa Cycles for setting their bikes up perfectly for the riders, specifically Pete Koski for taking extra time on the Ponyrustler demo.   Lets start off with the suspension design, the Split Pivot pedals really well, for almost all of the time I rode both bikes without any assistance of their Rock Shox Monarch's compression adjustment ( a real testament to the design).  I was able to climb and descend the loops that were setup and have a blast while doing so.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Saddle Drive 2015- Initial Thoughts On Salsa Cycles Deadwood

I saw the new line earlier this month and was sworn to secrecy (embargo).  Since then something about the new Salsa Cycles Deadwood, a boosted, 29+, dirt drop, backpacking machine, intrigued me.  I personally own and love my Surly bike Krampus and have spent enough time on an ECR to understand the subtleties in these similar bikes.

To me this took some of what a liked about my other bikes, and combined into a package with a much lighter front end that just felt super rowdy.  Luckily I was able to swing a leg over one at Quality Bicycle Products Saddle Drive.  I can't lie Salsa has some of the best finishes in the industry and this bike didn't disappoint.  Shod with a throwback script, and little subtle graphics throughout this bike is a treat to the eyes.

I was able to spend a good bit of time on this bike and took it around a loop several times, because at first I couldn't quite understand how it was ripping the way it was.  The engineers at Salsa really hit a home run with this bike, I don't think I left the drops once, and airborne this bike just feels natural.  The Surly Knard/WTB Scraper i45 rim combo was a damn fine setup with loads of grip and pretty good rolling.

I know that wasn't the intention with the bike, but its pretty cool to have a bike you can tour the weekend on and rip single track after work and still be extremely stoked.

How stoked was I?  I ordered one for myself.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Bunyan Velo X Porcelain Rocket- limited camp mugs

Limited to just 225 pieces you should probably pick one up before they're all gone.

Snag one here

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Frontage Roads Pre-Order Kit

Errin is donating a portion of these kit sales to support MS research, snag a jersey, bibs, or whole shebang and score a rad kit with a good cause.

"Hey gang, today the store opens for the 2015 Team Frontage Roads Bike MS cycling kit. The kit was designed by Aaron Edge with artwork by Zack Bolotin of The kit is for available for pre-order through Primal starting today through July 31st. 
This kit is designed for our team that will be riding in this years SoCal BikeMS event, but it is available to everyone to purchase. You don’t have to be on the team to rep us! In fact, for every kit we sell Primal will donate 10% back to our team, so you’d be making a donation and getting something rad to wear while you pedal around town! The jerseys are $60 and the bibs are $122.50. I have a fit kit available so if you are local and want to try on a kit I can make that happen. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Off to Utah for Saddle Drive

Im pretty excited.  I leave for Saddle Drive in 8? hours. I am so excited to see the new models from Salsa, All-City, and Surly Bikes.  QBPs brands just knock stuff out of the park.  I am happy to be able to offer them to everyone.  Check back often as I will be adding stuff throughout the next few days when I can.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY-John's Salsa Cycles Bucksaw Carbon

Building upon the solid foundation that is the Salsa Cycles Bucksaw Carbon, we went a few steps further to make for a truly epic steed.  Swapping out headsets and bottom brackets for what should be mainstays like Chris King changing parts only for gains.  Right now there is only one manufacturer of Made In USA fatbike hubs that have been tried and true, so Industry 9 hubs were the absolute choice for this build.  Carbon RaceFace SIX-C bars and turbine stem round out the build.  For good measure we used the Whiskey No 9 trail rims and stock tires.  I think this bike turned out great, for more info swing by here.

MIssion Workshop- Limited Black Camo Hauser

I haven't worn a bag riding for a few years now, nothing out there was of the quality that I wanted, with the waterproofing that I needed ( to carry my camera).   Mission Workshop released a super limited black multi cam Hauser pack today.  I am happy to say I was lucky enough to snag one.  Check out more here.   I can't wait to put it through it's paces over the next few weeks and give my thoughts on a review.

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Mike's Giant Trance Advnaced

Giant packs a punch in a relatively low (for a carbon hooped bike) price.  Mike was looking for a long(er) travel bike with 650b wheels, and this one fit the bill.  There is a good bit of carbon on this bike from the wheels to the bars.  To help with back pain there isn't really saddle to bar drop on this bike, thanks to the longer travel RockShox Revelation DPA.  The RockShox Monarch Debonair should keep the bike glued to the ground thanks to the larger than normal canister, and new tuning capability.  More info about the Trance line here.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Neko Mulally: Unchained And Unplugged

Neko is really killer!  Might be in NC now but you'll always be a PA boy.

Deity: Neko Mulally Unplugged and Unchained from deity on Vimeo.

Ride Report: Gravel Deaux

More gravel, I know.  Let preface this by saying that to me riding isn't necessarily something social, so typically I keep my rides small.  Not to be secretive, because anyone with a computer can figure out my routes via GPS, but its gems like this ride that I wish could remain a secret.  Door to door this ride is only 24 miles, but the smiles more than make up for the shortness of it.  I like rides I can enjoy after work and get home close to dark. Call it chasing sunsets if you will.  MORE ON THAT HERE.  Sean really has spawned some cool stuff lately.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ride Report-Fat At The Equestrian Club

Its been super humid lately but that didn't stop us from having a great time out on the MTB, although this ride was a while ago I still remember it.  Rob just got his Surly Moonlander back from powder coat, we just finished building it back up and no sooner was it time to have some fun on some earned turns and fast descents.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Jason's Salsa Cycles Carbon Bucksaw

Its been busy, Ive said it before, but I spent a lot of time today catching up on thing and scheduling posts that I should've done a while back.  We have had a lot of high end bikes go out lately so its been super busy.  Im going to start things off with Jason's new Salsa Cycles Bucksaw Carbon.  This bike is really a dream bike and after seeing him ride it ( I hate to say this but) this could be his quiver bike.  The Split Pivot suspension pedals like an absolute dream, and the stiffness of the carbon really adds to the acceleration, and flickability of this bike.  Thanks for letting us build this out for you, and enjoy.  He's now been riding it for almost a month and loves it so far.  Check out more here.

Ride Report: A Gravel Venture

Its nice to get out and explore locally, something that a lot of people take for granted is the solidarity of just getting out and riding with friends, something a little toned down, mellow ride.  Getting around by bike can really open up your eyes to just how small the world really is and what beauty is all around us that we take for granted.

Monday, June 1, 2015


From the onset of April I've been super busy at the shop, enough so that I have neglected the usual content here.  So starting now I am going to get back to it and maybe catch up on my posts that I have waiting in line.  Lets start with John's Salsa Fargo, a rad bike isn't always picked just because it got the full foot going on, sometimes its because you know that bike will end up taking its owner spectacular places, both near and far.  This is one of those scenarios.  I love it when the light is good Enjoy.

Day 26-30 of #30daysofFITINTHATKIT-Later Buddy

I didn't ever have the time to Finish the daily ramblings but days 26-30 were some of the best and worst, from completing my goal of getting out all of the days and most of the weight loss associated with it to having a good friend move down south.  Here are some pictures from those days, Day 30 was a blast in the torrential downpour, lightning storm, and cold weather.  I certainly didn't ride my limits and made sure to keep my rides fun.  Another thing I learned was I can really accomplish a much much better workout on the road bike than I did on the MTB.  Even as I was pushing myself, I found the road to just punch me and keep my cardio, where the woods just more or less beat me up.  I hope that I can continue to get out somewhat as much now that bridging into the busy season (see swamped with lots of work) because after work rides are a great way to clear your mind and refresh.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

PDW- Fat Stevens Kickstarter

Check Below

I don't ever post Kickstarter stuff, but the people over at PDW knocked this out of the park.  I jokingly said to them "wheres the fat pump"  at Frostbite this year, and I am happy to see it come to fruition.  Get in on this before you miss out.

Kitsbow-Slaying It With The Ride Tee Tritone

Ride Tee Tritone with Marshall from Kitsbow on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 25 of #30daysofFITINTHATKIT- Out And About

Its nice to have the ability to connect gravel and road rides together.  Today I was able to join a friend and link up a pretty good ride.  Even got to enjoy some coffee afterwards.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day 24 of #30daysofFITINTHATKIT-Cross Bike Exploration

Finding some little hidden gems locally can be hard.  I hope to get to do this ride, but a longer version and a possible stop for some #coffeeoutside.  I probably have said it before but cross bikes make exploration quick and fun.  You can pretty much tackle legit MTB trails (as long as you have the skills) and ride gravel easily.

Day 23 of #30daysofFITINTHATKIT- Why So Cold

If riding every day has taught me something other than I can do it, its all about layering.  I have a pretty dialed layer setup now for road riding, and it makes things easier.  However todays wind and cold temps made that even nearly impossible.  It was colder and more windy than yesterday.  I decided to stick close and just sprint up my hill.  THIS WAS FUN, believe it or not, out of the saddle sprints taught me my limits, some were greater than I thought, and some things I need to work on.  hopefully the weekend brings some better weather, I've been really hoping to get out for a longer ride.

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY- Dave's Salsa Horsethief Carbon

We talked a about the right bike for a while, and my mind keeps coming back to the Salsa Horsethief, a nimble pedaling bike with plenty of travel and 29" wheels.  The Horsethief made a lot of sense for Dave and where/how he rides.  Taking this into consideration the next step is to talk about material and component choices.  Its become more frequent, but still somewhat of a rarity that a bike is perfect straight out of the box.   I think if there was one thing I would change on the bike would have maybe been a carbon handlebar.  I completely understand Salsa's mantra of Adventure by Bike,  one day you can load it up with bags, do a S24O and the next day you can hammer your local trails.  Enough chatting, enjoy the pictures.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Day 22 of #30daysofFITINTHATKIT- HTFU 30s and Raining

HTFU.  Thats what I kept saying to myself while on this ride.  When your day starts off with a mix of snow and rain and it "road bike day"  you have to put yourself somewhere mentally.  Not one to typically ride road in these conditions the phrase rain or shine also comes into play.  This vow I have to myself to get out and workout by bike this month has been paying off, with the way I feel, and the weight loss accompanying it.

I decided to get dressed and rush out the door.  Immediately greeted by mother natures icy grip on spring I started off getting soaked in the first 5 minutes.  I pressed on, made it to point A continued on and played around with the thought for a new loop.  Originally I was going to climb Eisenhower, but my toes were soaked and numb, my fingers were soaked and numb, my core was warm, but I turned back halfway because I didn't want to chance hypothermia.   Next time I will prep with a more waterproof overboot, and some backup gloves ( two necessities).  Once home, it was apparent that I really need to invest in a boot/shoe dryer.  Sometime I hope to do a gear listing for cold/wet weather prep.

 I got enough mileage in, but not as much climbing as I wanted.  Lets hope the weather normalizes so that I can give the loop a shot next week.  I really prefer to carry a wind jacket rather than wear two layers of tights a bunch of wool and some waterproof layers.  The adage about April showers is pretty prominent this month so I will be putting some road bike fenders on my bike.

Day 21 of #30daysofFITINTHATKIT- Why Two Bikes Are Better Than One

Today I really wanted to make it into the woods to give the Tranny another go.  It was given to me with some "rear tire issues"  apparently these issues weren't solved with a bunch of Stan's.  Maybe we will talk more about the inevitable failure in a little bit.  Sometimes the most fun bikes are the ones that make no noise.  Thats really what I like about this thing.  Belt driven single speeds are pretty much silent.  I felt like I could concentrate on the trail.   Making it through part of the loop, I felt pretty good, before the tire issues reared their head.  Having to hike out, I was happy to have my Trusty Salsa Cycles Blackborow back in the car.  I pulled it out and continued a loop that I had in my head for a while, crossing over between trails several times.  Usually I don't notice the weight of my fattie, but going from a carbon wheeled, carbon framed bike at 20.4 lbs to my 31lb fattie I did notice it.  After a brief pedal I got my fatbike legs back.  Ending on a descent in the dark is a great way to end the night even if it wasn't on the bike you originally planned.