Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Interbike 2014: History of Fatbikes Display...

One of my favorite things about Interbike was the history of fatbikes display…  I remember over a decade ago when Carl over at Vicious Cycles made a custom fatbike for Speedgoat (RIP).  This thing was awesome, at the time two rims were welded together, the Remolino was also one of the first to use this tech.  The tires were hand carved and cut in mexico…  Next up was the Surly Pugsley, pretty in purple and rocking Canti mounts, this display brought up some good memories.  Long live fatbikes. Enjoy.

Interbike 2014: Day 1 Part 1

Interbike is a blast, I had to pack in as much as I could into two days.  I hopped off of the plane and immediately went to the show.   Thanks to AJ and Jesse from GHY Bikes in Renton, WA for picking me up and hanging out with me for a few days, also that "comfortable" floor to crash on.

These are pictures of some things I saw that I enjoyed!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Interbike 2014: Some Rad People I Met

Napalm and I

D Riff from SRAM Rye Lemonade

What makes a good interbike is the people… I even remembered to take a picture or two of them.  From legends to people who provide the stoke daily, its jam packed with some awesome people.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Interbike 2014: Making Up For A Decade

A hell of a lot has changed in a decade!  I've gotten back into the industry which provides me with joy, I've been provided with a new found stoked-ness for riding, getting out and getting on my bike as often as I can.  I new this year that trying to cram ten years of missing Interbike into two days would be hard, next year I will hopefully spend the entire week there… maybe I'll even road trip or something epic.

Even though I had a clear idea of what I wanted to accomplish there was still so much to see, lets hope next year I can make more days, or maybe just not have so many meetings.  A whole lot of people hate Interbike, but you can meet some pretty awesome people.  You can see things in the mechanical flesh that puts them into perspective in real life.  You can even hang out with like minded people that loves bikes and cycling as much as you do.

I hope to elaborate on how good Vegas is, well wait Vegas kinda sucks, but Interbike and the people who attend are rad.

Friday, September 5, 2014

RIde Report: FAT-urday Ride Highland

For a holiday weekend it sure was a blast ripping fatbikes at highland… Everyone got rad, some people  even left a little bit of themselves on the trails, while others were surprised.  I would like to thank those who came out, there will be plenty more of these rides throughout the year, so stay tuned in here!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bell Super 2R- Convertible FULL Face...


I can't wait to see this thing in under a month at Interbike.  I had a Giro Switchblade in 98 or 99 and it was great, full face when I needed it to be and regular when I didn't need it.  This is a huge improvement upon that old design…  I will probably be giving one of these a shot because #soenduro


This thing got the special treatment, add some suspension and this thing makes short work of anything, add a rad rider and you get to see the Baby Doll Head garden flattened… it really was spectacular!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Rick's Salsa Vaya Touring Bike

sunset reflections

#STEELISREAL durable, awesome, and perfect for touring…  I love this Salsa Vaya, don't tell my Cross Check, she might get jealous.  You know cause bikes can totally be jealous.  I really do love the way that this bike looks, the Portland Design Works all metal fenders are pretty much the hottest shit on the market right now, they are elegant and well thought out, installation is a breeze.  

Ride Report: Buffalo Rd.

Guess it could have been called Buffalo patch of briars or some thing along those lines… Maybe Buffalo I didn't get a flat for once (someone out there knows what I am talking about… Only took a handful of pictures.

Initial Review: VEE TIRE Trax Fatty 29+ Tire

Big thanks to CITY CYCLE for making this a possibility.
I was lucky enough to snag one of the first sets of these, the first production 29+ tubeless tire, Vee Rubber Trax Fattys.  Having my general luck with my Surly Knards, see small nicks in sidewall and unpredictability in tubeless setup,  I was happy to give these a go.  So, how did I mount these tubeless tires to non tubeless Velocity Dually Rims?

Friday, August 22, 2014

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Bryan's Cannondale System 6 Made In USA!

I don't post road bikes too often, but when I do they sure are rad!  I love this bike.  I remember hearing rumors of when this thing was being developed years ago.  Made In USA Carbon with alloy that Cannondale was known for at the time.  BB30 before the BB30 bandwagon, carbon C-Dale Calipers and a USE seat post, remember those, I sure do.  I would love to find one of these for sale, and this one is my size, unfortunately its not up for grabs.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Filer's Carbon Fatty… BLUTO Equipped

Fatbikes have come a long way in the last 8 years, they have grown leaps and bounds in the last three…  Partly because Salsa Cycles and Rock Shox partnered up to develop a suspension fork together…  I had the pleasure of riding this bike shortly, and its rips, carbon rims make a huge difference on fatties especially in the summer.  The all black build it pretty fucking metal too (even though its mainly plastic).  I like the way these pics turned out, I got to play around with some natural light.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pretty Stoked On This….

Thanks Rob for making such an awesome commercial… the fade out killed it...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ride Report: LHORBA Picnic Ride

I was thinking of a way to summarize today's festivities…
So here goes… 

I wasn't pooped so much in the end as I was in the begging (wink if you get it), today was filled with laughs, cheers, jeers, mechanicals, half a truck, free zucchini, slogan filled tshirts, family time, plastic bikes, a couple Mikes, someone put beer in my water bottle, more inchworms hitching a ride than I have ever seen, fatbikes are mountain bikes, and of course East Coast ROX…

Get it? Got it? Good.
It really was a blast, click one picture and it brings up a gallery that you can navigate through.  

Sunday, August 10, 2014

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Justin's Santa Cruz 5010C

#allblackeverything  This bike is certainly rad, its nice to see a well thought out build that retains some simplicity as well.  I love this bike its weighted well and has enough suspension to soak up ROX.  Justin uses this bike for some enduros (see mountain biking), and when he's not playing in to the corporate marketing hype (see enduro joke) he's just slaying some local trails…

Friday, August 1, 2014

Ride Report: Laurel MTN and East Coast ROX

The ROX thing is a joke, if you've spent any amount of time on ridemonkey in the last decade you will
surely get it, if not, it wasn't meant to be.  I grew up in the rocks, and I love them, today I got to ride some fun trails and see what they felt like to me nearly 15 years later.  No it hasn't been that long since I've ridden Laurel, but I can still remember my first ride there.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?  Well if you want a place to ride that will boost your skill level almost immediately, then this is the place for you.

I have been trying to make some group rides this year, and this was one I am happy I didn't miss.  Gnar rock riding, one handed wheelies and some beer with Walat's Ham Sandwiches made for an awesome evening.

there are a lot of photos in this post so you can check out MY FLICKR and for some reason blogger doesn't show the correct colors, so for a true representation FLICKR is where its at.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Ed Oxley: Weirdest MTB Movie Yet…but so good

Vain Vagrant from Ed Oxley on Vimeo.

Ride Report: #SOENDURO Sunday Ride...

Do you even enduro?  Not sure what it is?  Do you even care?  Personally riding is really what matters, and really its fun to make a joke of it and have a blast.  We did that today, and then after knocking out some fun miles, we took a lap through the downhill course.  I love getting together and having a rad time with friends.  It was super slick out there, slipping around is some of the most fun you can have on a bike.  Our trip took us pretty far outside of the resort, then we traversed a ski slope that I've typically only enjoyed in the winter…  But I gave up skiing for Fatbiking  enjoy

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ride Report: #TWOFERTUESDAY Road Ride & Buffalo Rd.

I'm backed up a bit, considering this is from May…  But being busy with bikes is never a bad thing.  Starting the day with a fun road ride was great, and even though I was super tired I really wanted to get out on a group ride later that evening.  It was nice to have the opportunity to get out with a bunch of good people and enjoy some scenery…. enjoy the pictures from it.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Joe's Pivot Les ENVE Single Speed

Heres another one of my top 2 bikes from this year.  I am really happy with the way this bike turned out.  Using a Chris King headset, and some made in USA ENVE composites rims, this thing has one purpose SLAY RACE COURSES!!!  I'm sure Joe will do so.  this bike is stiff and light in all the right ways, and I cannot put into words how good the wheels feel when getting up to speed.  All in all this rad bike is super dialed in every way,  good luck this year buddy!

Monday, July 14, 2014

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Rick's Salsa Mukluk Ti.

Ti bikes have a special place in my heart.  Ti bikes with an awesome stock paint job thats well executed hold an even closer place to my heart. When someone asks whats the last bike I'll need, this could be the answer, TI FATBIKE!  Lets see, start with a frame that can handle more abuse than almost anything, add some bombproof Hope Hubs (made in UK) and a Chris King headset (made in USA) and you have one hell of a combo for longevity.  I had the pleasure of doing some pretty awesome bikes this year, and this is in my top two, its elegant yet theres something modern about it.  Have a look for yourselves.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Jamie's LIv/Giant Lust Advanced

More DirtFest-Ness…  Mmmmmm Carbon.  I like carbon, because its all the rage right?  No!  Because it makes sense for racing applications and also just having fun,  This bike is rad, because save for the Stans Wheelset it's stock and ready to race, get punished, rinse and repeat.  So there you go, a race weapon that can be a daily ripper, thats really what its all about.  I still get stoked about bikes ll the time,  and I get even more stoked when someone rides their race bike as their daily.  Check out this #radbikeoftheday

Monday, July 7, 2014


I'm not nearly caught up, so much so that I am still sifting through stuff from Dirt Fest long after the mud has been cleaned from my shorts. I just remember having such an absolute blast on this bike in the middle of the night.  I think for events like Dirtfest having a pit bike is something that makes a hell of a lot of sense.  Will 2015 be the year of the PitBIKE?  You figure 2014 was the year of the fatbike.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wrong Bike For The Job… Specialized McLaren

Picture from here bicycle  

It happens all too often, mere mortals cannot afford the latest run of "boutique" taiwanese plastic.  Ive been around bikes for half of my life, and it seems that the latest process of rebranding such as SPecial X SuckAss X THis paint that paint  blah blah blah 20k for a bike seems a bit absurd, these fucking collaborations are idiotic.  We reduced the weight between 9-11% then added some paint, slapped on a sticker and voila wall art.  No really this is a yuppie attempt at wall art, it even includes a "hanger" so you can "display"  you're matching shoes, bike, helmet, because lets face you won't be riding it.  If I were buying art I certainly wouldn't buy plastic that depreciates almost immediately.  Lets talk next about demographics, and the fact that 90% of the intended customer base for this bike has no clue of how to change a tubular tire, reality that 85% probably don't know what a tubular tire is.  Don't me wrong house branded components are cool on two thousand dollar bikes, but on something that supposedly has a value of nearly ten times that just WHAT THE FUCK?  Dear Special-ED your are shameful.

Friday, June 27, 2014

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Salsa Fargo Fat Tire Tourer

It's no lie that I love some drop bars, drop bars on a MTB have a dear place in my heart…   A simpler time you say?  Sure, I just think about Johnny T blasting down some hills on a Yeti with drops.  My childhood was different,I grew up loving bikes, and trading in Gatorade showers for singletrack rippers.   This bike makes me think of a better time with a mortgage, car, and lack of time.  Enjoy these pictures.

Senor DeWitt joined us all the way from West Virginia to pick up this beautiful Salsa Fargo the other day, and you'll never guess, it reminded him of a better time, a simpler time, remember to get out on your bikes and slow time down a bit this weekend…

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vacation; Vack's Take On The South

It's travel season right?  What better way to travel than with a bike, here is Jason Novack's take on riding around the south a bit.  (disclaimer:  I didn't participate, and this is someone else's take on events)

Here's guest blogger Novack's thoughts on vacation...

Vacation: a respite or a time of respite from something.
The #1 definition of the term via Merriam-Webster, however for me it starts out more like… : a nightmare, or cataclysm that will certainly be your demise.

Solution, a Bike Ride, and at my location, a ride back in time.  These days it seems there is nothing more I enjoy then pressing my pedals.  Luckily I have a wife, and a career that allow me time to do what I enjoy so much.  I knew after a rough start to this year’s family vacation, that my rocket, turned time machine, would offer me the first installment of therapy, in the road to recovery for a happy Jason, and a great week at the beach.
I woke early, after a long day driving, in our hotel room in Williamsburg, VA.  Every year on the way to OBX, we stop over night in Williamsburg, to me I think it’s nostalgia, as my beloved grandparents would take my brothers and I here often.  Colonial Williamsburg alone is such a wonderful little city, with the shops, it’s history, William & Mary, and don’t forget Bush Gardens!!  But for a one night hitch on the way to sun, sand, and salt water, it’s a peaceful place to rest and regen for the next leg of the trip.  This morning, it’s therapy and a trip back in time.

The early hours in this colonial town are very quiet and peaceful. I pull out onto 132 and make a quick dash down Route 5, not a car in sight, and onto the Colonial Parkway.  I cruise through a little colonial settlement by accident, as I took a wrong turn, thanks to a morning runner to help a cyclist out.  My wrong turn gave me the opportunity to spin through a town where no motor vehicles are allowed.  I had time to take in my surroundings more than usual, and it really hit me seeing people walking about the street in this early hour, horses tied outside a stable, sheep grazing in the field.  I could smell the smoke of the hearth, of breakfast cooking, bells ringing.  I could not help but to feel like I was warped to a different place, a different time, then what I’m used to in the North East.

Finally figuring out where I needed to go, I cruise back down to the Colonial Parkway.  Onto the pebble stone paved route I go, towards Jamestown, where our American roots got their start.  The smell of morning, is starting to burn off, as the hot Virginia sun is coming on strong.  The scent of southern pine that lines the parkway, is taking the place of the fresh morning dew.  It’s such a warm sweet smell to me, those southern pine forests, are some of my favorite things about the south. 


As I push further on this road, I can’t help to wonder if our ancestors actually rode mountain bikes….but just didn’t have a word for it yet.  The pebble stones are a rough constant reminder that I’m in a special place, they belong here, just like the glacial rock left behind after the big melt of prehistoric times up north.
The Smell now is changing again, the wind is picking up as I break through the thick pine forest and into an opening that faces the James River.  The stiff head wind is like hitting the bottom of a blind hill you didn’t see.  This pebble stone road just took a turn up, even though in reality it didn’t.  My body feels like the sails on the wooden oceanic ships that crossed to the settlement I was seeking out.  Good if it’s at your back, not so good if it’s in your face.  I relish in the scenery snap some shots as I’m riding and push on through the wind.

After about 10 miles I hit Jamestowne, yes there is an extra “E” in there.  The original settlement was spelled that way, where they ended up, dropped the “E”.  So I head over the Isthmus and onto Jamestown Island.  The road here turns a little smoother but narrow.  The narrowness of the road does not inhibit my ride, as I crank over a wooden bridge through a marsh on the island, there is but one car in front of me, and they pulled off a sighting.  Smooth sailing for the Jamestowne loop.  Riding through time, I could almost hear the sound of axes chopping trees, to make housing, the smell again has changed to that of the ocean.  Salt is in the air, I can hear the breeze through the trees on the island, and the crashing of small waves on the nearby shore.  Before I know it the loop is done, and it’s time to head back to the hotel, where I’m sure by now my family is awake, hungry, and waiting for me to get back.  I notice that my mood is once again level, and I feel at peace.  It’s amazing what a bicycle ride will do for you, not only physically, but mentally, and spiritually.

If you find yourself in this area, do take your bike, Williamsburg is a very friendly biking city.  The area is beautiful, warm, and historic, you won’t be disappointed.
Well thanks for your time, I’m out!  Keep those pedals turning folks.

-Jason “Vack” Novack

Friday, June 20, 2014

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY - Mike's Surly Instigator 27.5" build

I love versatility… the new Surly Instigator 2.0 is some sweetness, adaptable from 26x3.0 up to a 27.5x2.3+ wheel is awesome, it also allows for a pretty sweet custom build.  We have been super busy with custom builds lately and this one was built on a budget but is so rad, this thing can be built so many different ways, from 1x10 to single speed, you could even go with a 12x142 rear configuration thanks to the new MDS Modular Dropout System from Surly.  You think this is rad just wait till you see whats coming up! Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Dave's Santa Cruz Blur LTC

It's no lie that I love Santa Cruz bikes, my "first" high end bike was a Santa Cruz Bullit, I love everything about it, I could wear the bearings out and replace them for under 10$ (this was in 2000) .  I also remember for some reason not wanting to give up my faithful Magura HS33 brakes for the "new" disc brakes, growing up in bike shops and seeing the level of componentry get off the wall bonkers I really like this bike in its relative simplicity.  1x10 setup, proven VPP suspension and an attitude that simply works, make me really want to snag a new Santa Cruz for myself.  Bronson?  Sure!  Check out Dave's Santa Cruz Blur LTC in all of its green carbon goodness. This bike is truly rad.

Like Minded Chris King: A Tour Of Grovemade

What can I say, Portland is a mecca for beautiful handmade things, Chris King Components being one of them, but the wood stuff that GroveMade makes is just beautiful.  I really want the desk top lamp, just something super elegant about it.

Pictures owned by Chris King read more over at Chris King…..