Ride Report: How To Get Lost In The Woods, and there was an eagle

Waking up and feeling good hasn't been something I've felt lately.  Since I felt good I figured why not go on a fat bike ride in 2 degree weather two hours away from home!  It was a great ride, with a scenic overlook that absolutely makes the ride worth it.  However, since I haven't ridden in a while I didn't have the stamina which I normally do so I decided to call the ride a little it early.  With some directions (that my hypothermic body wouldn't let me follow) I headed out of the woods only to take the directions, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT STRAIGHT, and turn them into LEFT, LEFT, STRAIGHT, ADD ANOTHER FUCKING LOOP 3X AND THEN GET LOST WHILE THE SUN SETS IN ONE DEGREE WEATHER.  Famous last words, I know how to read a map, I really do, I unfortunately forgot how to orientate myself with my surroundings, basically the way I rode the trail.  Remember, in low temperatures your phone won't always work, so its best to keep it close to your body to make sure that it does stay working.  I was able to get it to turn back on by rubbing it and breathing semi warm air on it.  With a small amount of battery and a screenshot of the tail map, I was able to make it out of the woods safely, thanks to Brovack for trail running to the intersection where I zigged instead of zagging.  There are a few things to learn from this experience.  I will be carrying basic survival supplies in my frame bag

What I will now include:
Safety Blanket
Bright Flashlight / Bike light