Soco Hammocks: Bikepack, and Give Back

I have been looking at a hammock for some time now, and until recently I thought that I was going to pull the trigger on an ENO, I have some other ENO products that I dig, so I figured why not.  I saw this companies stuff on the internet after doing some hammock research, and I was pretty stoked on what I saw.

This company has their hammocks built by a family in Indonesia, not only do they help support a group  of artisans that are skilled, but they also donate 10% of the profits to their non-profit partners.  This group includes Feed My Starving Children,  East African Ministries, and Generosity Water to name a few.

The product comes in single or double hammocks and a boat load of colors.  The singles are certainly light enough for bikepacking and come in weighing under a pound.

If you want more info or to purchase one check here

I hope to be purchasing one of these shortly and using it on some S240 bike packing rides as well as a Pennsylvania North to South ride.


Jason Novack said…
Yes Hammocks....I'll have one for PA N-S, don't think I'll need it for BroVet though.
Hope Cyclery said…
I would hope not for the Brovet, we are staying in hotels