Ride Report: Two-Fer Monday

It's always nice when you just happen to snag a Monday off.  But what happens when two rad rides are happening in the same day.  You suck it up, use your legs and make it to both.  Too often in the world are there excuses, excuses to ride a slow ride, excuses to skip a ride, and excuses to not give it all you have.  After the first ride which was something close to 14 miles at laurel mountain (on a rigid bike) my legs were toast.  With a recent wrist industry that has my normally firm handshake a little bit less than firm I was amazed that I could even hang onto the bars.  Prohibiting my first ride this year from being the first of the season clearing the rocky gap, I was reminded why 780mm bars aren't always the best choice.

Later in the evening I decided to ride a little closer to home and get after it as best I could, it's nice to have rad people to ride with, that give a shot at everything out there.  Riding what feels like all new trails, and just simply riding things in reverse makes for a super fun time, even if my sidewall gas kept purging sealant from my tire non stop (time to repair that tonight).

Enjoy some pictures from the different rides today and remember to put the excuses aside this year.