Day 16 of #30daysofFITINTHATKIT - Doing Fun Stuff Day 2

Fucking Rad, you know the feeling you have when a fun ride comes together, or a friend picks up your cross bike and shreds it harder than most locals.  First time in the woods, first time on a cross bike and dude fugue shreds.  Its a blast just doing fun shit.  Today was all about that.   I have had my All City Macho Man Disc in the woods before, but seeing someone else shred it really gets me stoked.  Cross bikes really are a great tool for riding, they allow you to venture off road and get shit done.  Also if you pay attention to STRAVA, or just like it to make fun of all the KOMing that happens, I KOMed a little segment today in the wet on the fatbike by some 4MPH than the next duder.  To me that stuff doesn't really matter and getting back to the reality that just getting out on your bike and having fun is fun.  But you prolly did just get beat by a dude on a cross bike