This thing is a beast, but in a good weigh, get it weigh, because it doesn't.  Seriously when did a 120mm dual suspension bike get so light.  I've had the pleasure of riding it a few times and I must say  that initial impressions are quite good.  Twenty-seven point five wheel just accelerate for days, steep up, no problem, quick down no problem, rock garden here, no dab there, you get the drift.  Except I didn't drift, never really breaking traction.  I had one of the only positive experiences with Schwalbe tires I've ever had, the new Knobby Nic V2 tubeless Easy Snakeskin pacestar tires gripped when I wanted them to, even in the wet, even on a pretty fast section of trail.  The lefty made short work of everything I threw at it, and I was blown away at the turn in feeling at speed, just such a stiff dampener.  In all the initial rides on this thing were great, more to come later in the month after a few more rides, but right now this bike is a contender.  In other news sunrise rides are a fantastic way to get your miles in before work, all while experiencing beautiful light for this photoshoot.