Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UPDATE: What will be up shortly? Read On

Well today I have nothing to say about Springs, except there may be another new section.  But digging hasn't started so I can't really mention it.  Instead I will let you all know what you can look forward to in the days and weeks to come,


Domain 318, Totem 2 Step, Surly accesories, Bern helmets, Oakley goggles, snowshoe mountain, rays mtb park, more edits (hopefully HD soon), Avid brakes mash up elixer/code, Straitline pedals, boobars, deity components, and many others.  These are only the ones that have either been started or are on the list.

Remember, 7 springs will be open all week long starting July, 2. Fridays there will be lift service instead of shuttle.  M-t Shuttle, f-sun lift service.

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