Seven Springs Update: New Trail LOPAN

I understand it has been a while since I have posted ( the mountain life has gotten to me ).  There has been a lot of work completed on the new top to bottom section "LoPAn"  and to say the least I think everyone will like it....  basically there are sections of trail with fire road to space them out, much the same way that many four season resorts must do.  it is full of flow with bits of gnar added to make the taste of the trail stick to your tongue just so you can remember how good it is.  the bottom section is going to fun fast and semi off camber.

The best part is that the bike crew (brian Martis) has been able to reference pictures of the old NORBA course, there is a distinct possibility that you will be able to ride the same course that Shaun Palmer rode back then, along with Kirt Voreis, steve peat, and Missy Giove (free Missy!!!)  Get ready for it.  

The nice thing isn't so much that there will be a new trail, as the fact that this opens up a plethora of new possibilities that are only as broad as the horizon.  there are plenty of places to add on to these trails.

Enjoy the video:

New edit up shortly ( please remember to click the links):