Friday, October 8, 2010

What not to do when riding DH

I feel bad for the rider in front, but not as bad as I do for the rider behind.  There should be some sort of training course for beginner riders.  Typically if I see I beginner I try and explain the trail rules (really they're common sense).

If you hear a rider coming up on you that is faster than you get out of the way, they shouldn't have to say left or right especially if you are creeping down the trail.  I say this not only from a standpoint wanting people to get out of my way, but also from the perspective of the beginner rider who would have people approach quickly (everyone starts somewhere).

Getting out of the way doesn't involve locking your brakes up abruptly, and in the dead center of the trail.  quickly get off of the trail, then you can proceed to lock your brakes up and come to a screeching halt.  This is the safest way for you, and other trail riders.

Don't use your bike as a weapon love your bike, if you want to go circa 99 and sleep with your bike like many ads portrayed, then by all means go for it.  I don't recommend it though because you'll end up like this guy.  But really there isn't a point that your pink rockgarden exposed armor hasn't already made.

If a fellow mountainbiker is being understanding, and apathetic towards you, then please comprehend that they are genuinely sorry.

The point of this is that as mountainbikers, and downhill riders is that we all need to stick together, and shouldn't revert to violence, profanity, and lawsuits immediately when riding trails.


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