Sensus Grips... REVIEWED

Let's start it off... set it off?  Okay, I haven't run any thin grip that I have liked in the last ten years, until now.  I have literally tried almost every grip on the market, everything lock on that ODI has released, oury, Lizard Skins, you name it they have made their way onto one of my bikes over the years in some form or another.

First up the original Sensus grips, I chose to opt for white which I will inevitably regret come spring time, or maybe I won't right now they look great, and feel even better, these will probably be spec'd on nearly all of my bikes from now on with the exception of the DH rig...

They now have kraton end caps so the $10 is even more of a deal...

Sensus grips are made stateside, like ODI, but these feel great, none of that silly dual durometer make-my-hands-hurt bullshit, like ODI non locks.  And for those of you that will run these with shifters, they even have cut lines marked on them so there's no guessing.

PUt on your grips, easy way for those of you without an air compressor.

The Salmon hook is...

I think they have packed alot of features into this grip, one of my favorites especially from an I'm a mechanic point of view is the 3mm screw instead of a 2.5, this means you can actually torque on the bolts a bit which I have done.  Unlike the ODIs that have adorned my ride, I won't have to have a backup set of four screws and easy outs on trips.
The Salmon Hook is Brandon Semenuk's signature grip, and thought was put into it, like the built in end cap, and the construction of the locks themselveves

The Salmon Hook is my new favorite lock on grip

Gripes on tha' Hooks- The main bolt is a 3mm but the outer is a 2.5mm, granted it doesn't need to be torqued as much but, it sure is nice to only have to use one allen per job (maybe something to think about for the next batch)

Big shoutout to Cam and the Sensus Crew, for making a great product and keeping it stateside.

Pick 'em up here