Life Cycles DVD Review

I went into this movie assuming that the camera work would be excellent, the angles would be great, and the cinematic content would be something out of planet earth.  One thing I didn't think is that I would fall back in love with riding bikes.  I am not saying that i don't like to ride by any standard, however although lacking the typical "stoke" factor of much more fast paced films like New World Disorder 10, and even Follow me, I found myself immediately engulfed into this masterpiece of a film. The next logical thing for me to do was go into the garage and play with some bikes for a bit.  My second viewing resulted in me going out for a ride after a 8" snowfall.

The story of Life Cycles seemed to be the process of building the bike throughout it's life and finally the destruction of it through the seasons of the year.  The three years that they took to make this film were completely worth the wait.

Unlike ryan Gibb's first film "suspect" which was packed with a "metalesque" soundtrack.  Life Cycles has music that doesn't take away from the film in any way, instead it takes you deeper into the movie, makes all of your senses take notice.

I am not one to be as happy with most cycling films the way that I am with this one.  There isn't anything I can say about this film negatively.  You need to buy it, and if you haven't already then you can on the link to the left...