Bike Expo Randoms

WHAT is going on there?  Nothing says check out my intergalactic space man dome quite like this "awesome" (tacky) concept...  A cover with "stylish" fabric to make you look better while commuting.  Well F at least you'll get noticed while riding your bike sans reflective material.

Whats better than an all carbon Santa Cruz Blur XC?  Apparently a TI front end makes sense for this application.  I don't get it, I understand the vibration dampening quality of ti, but DOES This bikes front end change anything on the blur XC carbon?  Headangle, maybe the lust for a slacker headangle makes sense; right?  Well they could have solved that problem with an angleset, instead of welding up a ti front triangle for this "gem"  I wonder if this was some sort of under the radar build with "crash replacement" parts.  Whatever it is here is the mong0loid stepchild carbon ti blur/non blur, guess it really does blur the line.  At least it has a nice build kit on it.

and the the linkage and shock mount are gorgeously machined, this isn't NAHMBS guys!

NEXT up ... cool concept I have seen this somewhere before though...  these are still sick, post one up in your woodshed, workroom, garage, or your bathroom...Pick a place or collect all 4...


BTW lampcycle produces a it more dope stuff than the "other" guy


Remember maxm components/ titus exogrid?  well these guys sure do.  Thought it was kinda funny that they were talking as if it were some new technology

about new technology: there were a lot of electronic bikes at the show, everything from di2 Dura-Ace, Ultegra, and my favorite Campy Super Record...  Didn't see any SRAM RED electronic bits... guess they are keeping it under wraps till the tour (commence rumors now)


Speaking of titus previously On-ONE (famous for the inbred back in the day) now owns Titus

this "one" looks a lot like a NINER RDO even the lines are similar, and the fork looks like a beefed up Pinarello slightly... Alas, you could have three of these for the same price as one of those..

and of course Colnago had some overpriced Ferrari bikes... I DON"T GET IT...

sexy weld award

'nuff for now....