EVOC Bike Bag

Don't Tavel much with a bag on the airlines, but I would love to start.  Especially when I am gone for a month or two at a time.  The hassle of properly packing a bike in a bike box sucks and can take far to long.  they are a pain in the ass to deal with and at minimum they cost you a cart use to make life simple for getting to and from.  So lets do the math $4 to and $4 from.  at minimum the cart is eight bucks a flight so if you only factor in just the cart and not the fact that it is a pain in the ass traveling with your bike (it's more of a pain in the ass to not have my bike with me right now) you need to fly 50 times a year to pay for it on carts alone.  Think about this more positively, only 50 buck a flight extra to have ease and mobility when transporting your bike.  I think thats worth it

Judging by all of the videos floating out around the wed of the EVOC* bike bag I would think that it should only take 5  minutes to pack this even less if you have qrs on your wheels, or have a menial knowledge of how to wrench on your bike.

This thing is loaded with feature, and straps to hold your bag.  It looks to be reinforced with where it needs to be (around the wheels, dropouts and fork). Making your life a spot of a breeze through airways to with the big skate wheels and grab handle, makes up for the 400USD+ cost.  If I had the coin for this it would be with me right now, it just makes sense.

Funny video on the Bike bag