Production Evil Undead...

Got to see some interesting things today at the bike expo, one of which was a production evil undead frame.  It looked amazing in person, hopefully they will be available shortly

three colors available
FLoro YEllow
Satin BLACK Carbon (think matte)
a Gloss Clear Carbon bike

productions frames to go to the owners of revolts first, then to the public for sale.  Get on the the list, this thing is gorgeous, the tubes are huge pieces of carbon sex.

teaser picture



francisco said…
when goes on sale
Hope Cyclery said…
they said sometime before may, hopefully everything gets worked out and they end up meeting this timeframe.

This frame is super light I wasn't allowed to weigh it but in my hands it felt awesome
francisco said…
end of the month and no news
Hope Cyclery said…
I am pretty bummed too... maybe we can hope for may there are a bunch in final testing on the west coast... specifically seattle...I am back out there monday I will see what I can dig up