Cyclocross, how I have missed thee. MoAr on the spec... I promise not to get rid of it.

Lusting tool numero uno

yep gold plated three way
30$ thanks park Tool

Okay so I love friction shifting or hell, indexing is cool too, but...

With the cost today of many STI, campy or sram double tap setups how in the world would you think I want that on my cross bike?

This solves that with a little more robust package,  the guys over at  retroshift developed this product which simplifies it and is cheaper than even just one Shimano 105 Lever.

I think these are a great option for my impending build.

So here's what I am thinking, something that can get super dirty, probably won't wash it much other than to check out the new WD-40 Bike Wash.  BUt really just thinking something along the lines of sealed housing, good wheels, thomson bits, etc.

Dear Surly I hope that the hospital foam cross check is available as frame only otherwise I will be getting rid of a lot of parts.