Monday, September 24, 2012

GREEN, I mean Hospital Foam

Okay so if you don't know about then you should definitely check  them out.  Fantastic photographs in an area that is getting pretty played out lately.  I had the pleasure of making the 7+ hour drive to Newark, NJ today, yep armpit of americas butthole (NYC) and the taint (philly).  During this "lovely" drive I had a few hours where I could play around on the interwebs.  This spawned my new lust for something (this happens every year around the time of Interbike.  Yep I miss going, those were the best days of my life.  Having the pleasure of talking with like minded individuals who generally care about the same thing (two wheels)

While using some portable tech power today, i stumbled upon spoke.  this movie was funded on Kickstarter and you can still add to their funds (just click the link).

Back to my first A.D.D. point (yep have it, never did the whole ritalin thing) Surly has done it, and prolly has facilitated imagery that does dem damn bikes justice.  after some gratuitous shots of these beauties (I didn't take them, they are from PROLLY so go there like them check em out support em, send them booze).




Flatter than an a cup

OKay so back to my dilemma

A).  I had a bean green surly cross check back in the day.  I really miss this bike, I rode it on some pretty gnarly trails. Currently have a Niner for xc duties that replaced a Kmonkey.  Kicking myself over that.  I want this bike.

B).  I have been wanting a snow bike for a few years now, almost snagged a pugsley back when they were purple and only sporting an offset 135 fork.  The new Surly Krampus looks mighty nice.  

So i can probably only get one, or get rid of my front suspended 29er and rock both of them.  Can I deal without suspension?  Sure, anyone can I think.  I hated my first go at it.  I am not a racer and will not be

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