Lust List..

I always feel that though I try to be on top of things, whether it be bike design, fabrication or clothing, there is always someone who is pushing some super rad stuff that I haven't seen yet, or just never payed  close attention to.

So my lust list will be comprised of somethings that can't be purchased and some that (of course) can.

Remember kids, buy local when you can, support your local shop.

FIRST OFF;  I love the moonlander, don't get me wrong, the ability of it and everything.  I live in western Pennsylvania.  I love the rocks, roots, and rad singletrack here.  The winters can be a bitch (put snow tires on the Subaru type of season).  And although this isn't about cars, really that's what you need to get your ride on out here in the winter.

Super fat tires are nothing new, when Surly introduced their first snow bike (the puglsey) back several years ago, I was enamored by it.   There was something about this bike that could float anywhere.  This bike reminded me of a loaner bike that I was able to ride long ago while working at Speedgoat.  Chris had this Conejo Rabbit that he modded with a set of Nokian Gazzolodi tires 3.0 front and rear, thanks to the Hanebrink fork up front.  

Gone are the day of 7" travel fat bikes.  Although I PERSONALLY accredit Chris to making the first fat bike via this crazy suspended bike, a few years later he had Carl over at Vicious Cycles make him to this day one of the baddest snow bikes to this day ( I have a thing for orange thanks to my employment)   

Know your roots, even though the previous bikes were the first, some of the new stuff is pretty rad.

Some Examples.



9 Zero 7