Friday, March 29, 2013

30 Days of Riding: Day 04 A Lotta Bit of Snow

Today was a bit of a different endeavor than it has been the last few days.  I was determined to make it out to the woods, weather or not the trails would be rideable wasn't a concern really at this point.  The whole drive in had snow, snow snow everywhere.  Getting out of my car wasn't, what I thought at that point was a good idea. 

 Today's ride was supposed to be under two hours, and somewhere between 7.2-9 miles.  Mother nature had a different idea.  The riding was a slop fest, not really due to mud, because really the only mud was on the connector (quad trails).  Certainly not the person (since I build and maintain trails) to continue on any trail that could be damaged due to the current conditions, today was only really slushy snow.  It's pretty great that the trails stay terrific due to the rock gardens, and natural drainage.  I got to ride the loop extension trail today, in the snow (this time I didn't flat), and it was great, even in the snow.  I am super pumped to have a hand in that section of trail.

 It worked out to be a super fun little section.  I pedaled and pedaled and some sections were rideable, some could only be cleared by hiking, some sections took an extra try to make it, and today I was thankful for tubeless tires, for the extra and necessary traction they provided.

I will probably be on the road tomorrow, just because I want a better workout than I could get in the woods today.  My RaceFace Mudcrutch (click the link to read the review) was put through its paces on the quad trail connectors today, as well as the slushy snow.  I am also getting back at it clipped in, because I feel that there is a distinct advantage to making it through some of the trail.

Today was a blast just to switch it up, I am still looking forward to getting my Surly going sooner rather than later.

As of today I am down 15lbs even after having eaten right before, so closer to 18lbs, I miss riding.

Some more shots from the day:

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