{PHOTOS ADDED} 30 Days of Riding: Day 05 of 30 A Trip Down Memory Lane

Today started on a beautiful sunny morning. I woke up to 28° morning so my early ride idea was halted to something closer to noon, when it warmed up to 45°. It was glorious today so I decided that a few more miles onto my ride. I was pleasantly surprised with what I had accomplished at the end of the day.

I rode from my house out to where I grew up and along the way there was less than a fun climb (but I am finally staring to like climbing again). It really felt great to make up the climb soon I may reach my goal of 50 miles which I haven't ridden for probably around 8 to 9 years. It was nice to get some roads without that much traffic on them and allow me to look around a bit and see some different things.

Today's ride turned out to be 16 miles long with 1325 feet of vertical elevation gain. I would have to say that I met my goal for today. Tomorrow is going to be a cooldown day with a short commute between two points if it remains warm I'm going to try and ride home.

Forgive the syntax my Internet at home is down and I'm using the mobile device.

Some Shots from today:

Photos will be added once the Internet is up again...