30 Days of Riding: Day 06 Commute to the Family Gathering Place

Determined to get out today but without much if any time I took to the streets, at night. Equipped with my niterider 600 and PDW rad to taillight I set out well after 8:00pm and climbed 500 plus feet in 3.2 miles. Alternating between climbing and sprinting and then switching to a seated position for part of the ride, it went a fair amount more smoothly than I had anticipated. I found that I was able to push myself a bit harder than I have before, 30 days of riding is really turning out to benefit my riding, at least my ability to go a little bit harder. Once I arrived I celebrated the climb with my brother in law, and a bottle of Brooklyn Black Ops that I had been saving for a few months. Tomorrow will probably see a combination of rides, once will be a commute ride, the long way home and then apparently I have gotten myself into something rough with a Decker Ave. challenge later on that day. I anticipate my mileage should grow substantially tomorrow.