Surly Cross Check Commuter/All Around Build

I had the pleasure of growing up in one of the best shops turned internet success in the world when I was younger.  This experience was one that granted me a lot of perspectives on cycling.  I appreciate fine line and hand lugged frames, while at the same time loving the ability and speed that a DH sled gives me.  I ride/have ridden Xc, DH, Raced a few cross races years ago, road biking is pretty rad, I love cycling. I was in charge of building up bikes from the ground up with custom parts down to the spoke nipples on the wheels alternating.
Old Faithful Cross Check, I miss this bike

My New Cross Check Frame
Some Bits For the Kit

I have done an absolute lot of research, as much as I could about rims for the initial get-it-built-within-a-small-budget build.  I had a set of Salsa Delgado Cross rims on my last cross check laced to DT Swiss hubs and they lasted through cross, road riding, and the occasional cross bike rock garden session.  I will be changing pace a bit, and going with a Shimano 105 5700 series hubset (see: Cheap) laced up to some H-PLus Sin TB14 rims (hopefully I can source some gray ano ones). I only use DT Swiss spokes and nipples, so that will continue.  Per Gerd Shraner, I may give using some DT Swiss Proline brass washers a shot, at least in the rear, since this wheelset could very well see some light duty "BIKEpacking" or  touring duties along with the commuting.

I will add some updates as the bits roll in, I love building a bike from the frame up and picking out every little detail.  The cross section of the TB14 Rims are a more traditional box style, but they have eyelets at each spoke nipple and a plate at the valve stem.  They really are a nice rim, they are a Taiwanese company that produces their products domestically to themselves.  Wish more American companies took on this business model
Made to ride like a tubular