30 Days of Riding: Day 07 Decker Ave. Challenge.

If you could sum up today's ride in one word, it would have to be determination.  Although there are quite a few other words that I can think of including, but not limited to;  death trap, gravel grinder, challenging, celebratory-dog-humps-leg-at-end-of-ride, and of course RAD.

See, it took a lot of mental determination to make it up both climbs, but it certainly wasn't because of my physical prowess.  I wanted to do something challenging on my seventh day of this endeavor, and it just so happened that the Decker Avenue Challenge was tonight.  Riding a challenge that is slated as "uphill both ways" isn't something the old me would have loved to do, but lately I have been up for most anything, as long as I can saddle up and make it on my bike for a bit.  I can honestly say that this was challenging but at the top of every super-rad climb were two awesome riders cheering me on, and that makes for a great night of punishing yourself on a bike.  I would like to thank Jason for inviting me out, scoping out the route from hell and giving me a little extra motivation for this ride.  The total damage, miles/elevation gain, not the fact that my legs feel like jello (I'm coming for your job Bill Cosby), was somewhere around 10-11 miles with 1998ft-2100ft elevation of climbing.  I am looking forward to doing this ride again, maybe the next time it will be a good temperature and there won't be snow, but mother nature has been metaphorically raping us lately.

The Goal Was Reached...

The ride was full of turn upon turn up a dirt road, that had some spongy wet dirt that just wanted to swallow up your back tire, and all of your momentum.  This definitely added to the tribulations of today, and made for some fun on the way back down.  At the apex of every climb I was met with another climb, but this ride was all about perseverance and determination, so I didn't let that get me down.  I found myself tucking my head down and just riding until I was at the top.  Granted the first climb to the tower was the real goal in my mind, but the climb back home was just as gnarly.  It sure took a lot out of me, and honestly I CANNOT wait to do this ride again.

Once thing I will say about bike setup, if you are going to ride this, is bring your MTB, or if you have a cross bike with mountain gearing, that should be your choice for the ride.  I came into the ride with a concept that I had wished the cross check was ready to rip.  About halfway into the ride, I was pretty happy with the bike I was riding.  Thirty one pounds of aluminum and mechanical wizardry isn't was you would think would be pleasant, but it worked out just fine.

More than likely tomorrow's ride will be something a little tamer, perhaps something super flat.  Living in a valley doesn't really allow for much in the way of flat riding.  Tomorrow has some potential for a small ride, and then some trail work on a fun section that has recently been screwed up by some logging.

A big shoutout and thank you to Jason, and Rob for the ride tonight and the rad times.

Pictures aren't plentiful, but there are some from it.


Jason Novack said…
Climbing, Builds Character! You did awesome dude, be proud, that Climb is nothing to take lightly, an accomplishment anyone would be proud of. Keep on Crankin Brother1
Hope Cyclery said…
thanks man, it was an awesome time all 1900 plus feet of it.