Tuesday, April 2, 2013

30 Days of Riding: Day 08 Touching Dirt, Finally

Today the goal of my ride was originally to ride around the airport.  I instead had a breakthrough, one in which I could actually get on some dirt.  Today proved to me what the days prior led up to, pushing a better gear, and having more of a blast due to being able to open it up and get rowdy when possible.  I met someone, fairly randomly up at Highland today.  CJ showed up for his first MTB ride, on a dh bike, but nonetheless he had a blast and got to ride some pretty fun sections.  First we headed to the loop trail, and then loop extension before venturing onto the border trail and some expert sections.  The more I ride those sections, the more fun they are.I had a fair amount of time to get some riding done, and we were able to play a little bit on some different sections of trails.  From what CJ said he had a blast. After a few loops he was a bit beat and I continued on (having stronger legs from riding the last few days rocks).  I continued to ride Baby Doll Head trail and continued onto some of the expert trail again.  I had a blast today and it was rad getting someone else out for a rip.  The best part of today, was that after the ride I got to get out and do some trail work, removing some fallen timber from the recent logging near the Border Trail.  We even built some new stuff too...

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