30 Days Of Riding: Day 11 Highland Hero Dirt Group/ Felt Good So Continued On Down The Road

I woke up feeling good today.  I was so happy that for once my back didn't hurt so bad I could breathe normally.  This made for a pretty great morning. I was planning on going out on a group ride today, and everything worked out well, it worked out so well that I ended up going for a bit of road ride after to the local rail trail and found some fun stuff to play on.

I guess I should divide this up a bit so I will start with the mountainbike ride at Highland.   We all met in the lot and proceeded to start on Baby Doll head and moved from there all around the woods, through some super fun sections and what not.  We ended up riding the border trail and stopping for a moment to play on the new feature on Border Trail.  I am happy to say that I cleared it, and its actually quite fun. 

I found a new favorite section, one that the last time I rode it was under snow and wasn't that much fun, the intermediate loop has some pretty good flow, and it awesome to be able to let the brakes go and bit and get some speed up.  

Second half:
I felt pretty good after riding so I decided to take to the road and ride down the rail trail and back, even managed to find a pretty fun chute to play on a bit.  There isn't much to write about other than being able to make it for a second part has gotten me stoked.  I felt great today and tried to push some extra mileage.  It worked out and got me stoked on riding again.  Yesterday was a tough day, the ten day hump was difficult for me to go out, but day eleven turned out well.

Pictures galore....