30 Days Of Riding: Day 12, Highland Action Cool Down Ride.

This angle came out pretty good

After yesterday's double ride my goal for today was to make it into the woods for a slower pedaling ride, and thus decided to go back into the woods instead of hitting the road, which I was contemplating.    I am happy that I chose to do a cool down ride today in the woods instead.  It was another day at Highland and another day with great dirt.  It felt like every stick was trying to tear off my derailleur, bend my wheels, rip out my spokes or shank my legs like an inmate.  Apparently the deadfall this year just keeps getting better and better.  I was riding platforms today, and that was a bit of a mistake as this was a cool down day I wasn't trying to wear my legs out in the way that I do normally, but it's time like these that you do realize how much more efficient clipless pedals are.

It was nice to be out in the woods with a bit of a small group today, and there was some skilled riding going on.  We headed from the lot down baby head, to the intermediate loop and then continued to the border trail and back around a bit.  We didn't cover a hell of a lot of riding, but there we some super fun sections today, and we had the ability to play on some logs, kinda a throw back to some shore-esque stuff, skinnies and what not.  I would absolutely love to build some more flowy sections, but someone ruined that for everybody years ago.

Some shots of some rowdiness today.

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