30 Days Of Riding: Day 14 Green With Envy, Cross Check Single Speed Ride.

I had an excellent day, however I wasn't able to ride until eleven or so.  Why you might ask, because I was able to build up something fairly exciting.  Today was the day I got to build the cross check up in its first version, until the shifters come in...  At this point I am not sure if I really want to go with shifters, I know there are some hills around here that I couldn't make it up, but at the same time I just miss the simplicity of a single speed.  

I got to do a small ride near my house tonight and set the bike up, this isn't really an easy task in the dark, but I was able to adjust it to my liking.  I am happy I went with a 58 this time instead of a 60cm.  On the road/cross I prefer a smaller top tube with a longer stem to stretch myself out.  If I wasn't building this bike with drop bars, I would have went with a 60cm frame.  I will not make the mistake this time in getting rid of my cross check, since it took so for me to wake up and realized what I was missing.  

Tomorrow should be interesting.  I am really torn between riding the cross check for a bit of a commute style ride, or waiting till later in the day and riding some MTB.  I have gotten a fair amount of MTB in the last few days, and am now (that the cross check is temporarily done) leaning toward riding that.