Tuesday, April 9, 2013

30 Days Of Riding: Day 15 Halfway There, Highland Group Ride

I woke up anticipating the sunshine and warm temperatures I was promised by the weather man.  Happy to make it to the "halfway" point today all I could think about was getting out and having some fun at the group ride Highland.  Really the goal is about the journey, and today that journey was awesome.  It is always a blast to ride with multiple people of varying skill levels.  We bashed, pedaled, and crashed our way over rocks, roots, and logs on this beautiful sunny day.

Enough words, how about some images.  Remember, quality over quantity... I took 110 images today, and sorted through, and found 40 that I liked and then from there found the ones I am posting that I really liked.  There's a bit of a story from today, weather that be that 14 year old can do some pretty rad stuff, or a slightly older person can go head-over-heels like a ballerina and come out unscathed.  A great ride took place today and I am sure that fun was had by all.  The images tell a bit of a story and the fun that was had by those in attendance.

Remember there is a TRAIL DAY this Saturday to take care of these trails and keep up with them.  


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