30 Days Of Riding: Day 16 Single Speed Road Ride #SSCX

This morning I was granted with some beautiful sunshine.  I was elated at this opportunity and chose to use it to see if I could make it around on the Cross Check today.  I would count this as my first real day on this bike.   It was an absolute blast, I had a blast today and got a taste of the good life.  What I am trying to say is that once upon a time I had a Karate Monkey single speed, and I loved riding that.  Riding the Cross Check today brought back some of that nostalgia.  I hope to be able to make it out again tomorrow morning for a ride we will see how far I go.  I made the mistake of pausing Strava today, at my halfway point of 6 miles and not turning it back on till I was home so I didn't get a realistic result to my ride.  Tomorrow I will not make the same mistake.