30 Days of Riding: Day 19 New Trail At Highland Super Tech

So, first off, I wasn't able to make the build day today.  I showed up at 5 which was a little bit late.  Super bummer, I live for building trails.  I did have the opportunity to ride two new sections, that were super fun and added some length to the trails.  GREAT JOB EVERYONE THAT MADE IT OUT... I am stoked to make it this far for day 19 of 30.

I was able to ride with Rich today (without any mechanicals), and it was super fun, he attacks some shit, and keeps given 'er till he clears it...    The new sections are awesome if you are looking for some super tech slow speed stuff.  We just so happened to be in the mood for that today.


firgive the lens flare

both ways

new section

hello pups

new new

moar new shit

making it look easy