30 Days Of Riding: Day 21 Get out, the streets are quiet...

Most of the time if I find myself riding late at night it's because I have pushed it off till the last moment to get some other things accomplished.  Tonight was the exception, I wanted to ride, tonight because I knew the streets would be quiet, and the chilly air would cool down my body.

I had a goal tonight to test out a Topeak Panobike Bluetooth heart rate monitor strap to see if it would work with Strava, which I have been using primarily to track my rides.  Heart rate monitors weren't ever really something I would have considered a while ago, but it adds another aspect to the ride and allows me to see what is going on throughout the ride.  I will be reviewing it once I get some more time on it, but as of now I like it.

So since the strap worked with Strava, I was able to do my goal of sprinting until my cadence was a bit high and then slowing down for a moment, then back out of the saddle sprinting again.  What the HRM showed was a fairly constant high heart rate, and a more accurate calorie count in the app.

Tomorrow morning I am going to play in the woods sawing some stuff that was pushed onto the trails from our friendly local loggers, and hopefully get that section back open, and then make it out on a ride.. hopefully (as long as the weather cooperates) I can accomplish this all before noon.