30 days of riding: day 25 night ride cross check

Decided to take out the cross check for a road ride, since the other bike isn't operational right now, and won't be till Monday. Super bummed. SRAM was nice enough to help me out with my warranty woes today and gave me something extra for my troubles. I think that next week I am going to try and do just MTB rides. I may even take the DH bike out for some tuning. I am happy to have made it to day 25. I am not saying that my rides were all super long epics, but I am excited to simply get back to making it out on my bike often.

It was absolutely cold out tonight, especially after the last weeks beautiful weather. I headed downtown, then around a bit then back out past home and onto my normal loop, sadly this only added a few miles to the ride. Even though I am not putting in a lot of miles it's more about the goals of making it up the climb, outside, or over the obstacle.

The only bummer of night riding is that my camera doesn't work all that well.