Sunday, April 21, 2013

30 Days Of Riding: Day 26, Highland Cross Ride, then a bit of Commuting Ending With Some Brews

Today was a beautiful day.  I decided to ride the cross bike since big and squishy was out of commission.  I stopped by highland, for a cross ride...   I decided that even with my "tall" gearing I would give it a go, this was a mistake, not that the bike isn't capable, simply put my body can't push a 36x16 in the woods well.  I gave it a go and even had the pleasure of playing around on some stunts with a cross bike.  The Surly Cross Check is super capable and I am looking forward to many more miles on her, once I make the jump to gears.  
The 58 is proving to be a bit small for road use, but all around use it sure is fun.  After the mountain ride, I chose to ride my bike to a bike party.  Novel idea I thought.  I saw a few other people who had the same idea.

At the party I had a few brews and some fun chats with friends.  Then came the speakers,  I had a science teacher in the sixth grade, Mr Fulton, who honestly changed the way I viewed the world.  I can remember it to this day some "a few" years later.  Some time ago he lost his battle with cancer, and hearing that he was into cycling and running touched my heart, and whatdayaknow, there is a benefit/namesake event coming up soon.  I will provide more info on this when I hear back.  I think everyone should participate.  I would love to do what I can for this event.

So I separated my ride today into a few different one, some MTB trail, a little road, and some rail trails and general radness.  I am looking forward to next years party.


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