Thursday, April 25, 2013

30 Days Of Riding: DAY 30... The end, it's just the beginning.

Setting out with the goal of making it thirty days in the saddle no matter the weather or complications with your bike isn't an easy task.  To think of it, tonights ride was similar in temperature to the first day of this whole journey.  To liken my thirty days of riding to a journey is by far the best synopsis I could give. This journey isn't over at all, but I believe it to be just beginning.  My legs feel better than they have in years, I can breath well, and I am starting to fit back into clothes that I have been wishing I could wear.  

Not a racer geek in the family I would have to say that getting on a bike was because of my dad.  I am lucky enough to have been taught how to ride from a young age. I would think that seeing my dad commute from home to work and back on his splatter paint huffy had something to do with giving me the strength to make it through this.  There were times that I thought of giving up, especially when I had to ride at night.  I turned that into a challenge and found serenity on the quiet streets at night.  

Having the ability to swap between bikes definitely helped make this easier for me too.  Especially in the last week when the stumpy decided to implode. If I can give anyone advice to making it out there, other than the general "never give up" slogan, it is to have a back up of a bike, because something is always bound to go wrong.  If you can't procure a secondary bike, then my recommendation would be get a single speed.  I have grown fond on the Surly Cross Check, and hope to add some more Surlys the family.  I hope to do another "thirty days of riding" over the winter, so we will see how that goes.  Thirty days of riding, fat bike style.  

A lot has changed over the thirty days as well, I picked up a job, doing something I love.  It just so happens I get to do something I love at a bike shop with some heritage (being in business since the 40s).  I feel at home, I feel at ease, I feel better every morning waking up, knowing that I will be around a bike whether it be riding, or repairing.

Long live long rides...Everyone needs some hope.

my wife got a bike today

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