Great Weather At Laurel

Having pretty much grown up riding on Laurel Mountain I can say there isn't much I haven't seen.  I
was stoked that Don showed up randomly in the lot around the time we were set to leave.  Riding behind him I saw lines I have never seen, and sections that brought back some good memories.  Some sketchy memories too of nearly having to call an ambulance for a faceplant to rock/dirt victim.  We were able to get out the perfect time of year, there was so many perfect sections of trail, and the weather was awesome.

We rode a bit and covered a pretty good amount of ground, especially for this being some of the groups first ride all season.  I was able to go a bit faster on some sections of trail, even though a fallen log prevented me from making it up to the speed I wanted to, and then some hikers.  All that Strava aside the ride was awesome.

So some pics would make sense.