Riding: Seven Spring DH, Feeling A Little More Confident

When I had hopped back on a (new to me) dh bike a couple of weeks ago, after skipping a whole season of DH last year, I felt really weird riding.  It was outside of my comfort zone, mainly because the bike had just felt really weird.  After riding wagon wheeled xc bikes all last year, converting back to a 26" wheel for DH was an odd experience.  It took me one whole day of riding to feel remotely good on the bike and that continued to the following weekend.

I was pretty stoked to get out and shred after a rain storm, muddy riding is just so much fun and it gives you a great amount of extra confidence too.  Lance and I met up with Bmart, and a new friend from Detroit stopped out too... here are some pictures from that weekend.

PS Lance has a pretty good eye for photos.