Just Landed: Fat Bikes, An Informative Approach

Over the last few years fat riding, fat biking, snow landing, creep crawling and bike packing have taken off.  A lot of this has to do with one brand in specific, Surly, I am not relinquishing all credit to them but they have helped bring it mainstream (sorta).  Taking some of the time to give credit, where credit is due, Carl the Snarl over at Vicious Cycles did whip up one of the first bikes with two rims welded together, and 3.0" Gazzollodi tires stretched a bit.  Technology has come a long way since then and there have been great developments in tire and rim technology.  Borrowing some "hole drilling" from trials bikes there have been significant weight savings and the tires offer more grip than ever before due to the nearly 5" width of today.

Who should get a fat bike?  I don't really think its about who should get one, so much as who shouldn't?  There aren't too many people who ride in this part of the state that couldn't benefit from one, especially in the winter months. I personally want to ride one year round.  After spending some time on one months ago and then rekindling my love for them this week I am hooked.  I spent some time on a first generation pugsley and the moonlander is another world.  

I have taken the necessary steps to make sure to acquire one of these beasts and not miss up the opportunity this year.  I stepped into the woods to shoot some pictures of this caged animal in its proper setting..... more to come later as well

Fat Bikes aren't just for snow... take this one for a spin and you will see...  Think of it a mountainbike that can go places a skinnier tire bike cannot.

If you have questions about fat bikes, snow riding, or general inquiries about them let me know as I have been around them since they were created (see above), I have tried to stay on top of the information as much as I can.

This bike is a beautiful piece of steel...


Jason Novack said…
Don't Scratch My Bike!!! HAHA...I want it soooo bad.....SOOO SOOO BAD!