There's A First Time For Everything

This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking someone downhilling for the first time.  We chose wisp based on the fact that their terrain was more natural and that makes more sense to ride than a jumpy bike park style resort, especially for a first time.  Wisp is home to some great terrain for riding, the only problem is that the lift is terribly slow.  Next year should be a great year for Wisp, as according to staff there, there will be a one million dollar renovation to the back side with new trails.  This will surely secure them in a better place than Seven Springs as far as rideable terrain.  I am interested to see how that pans out.  Enough about the layout, the day was super sunny and the runs were great, a lot of the runs brought back memories of my youth.  Dustin made it out and was stoked the whole time.  Here are some pictures, most of the day there was absolutely garbage light which doesn't make for good images.

In all I was just so happy to ride DH with some rocks instead of jumpy lines all day long.