Sunday, August 4, 2013

Up Down, Down Up, Left Right, Right Left and other cycling related cheat codes

I got to ride at yellow reek state park finally.  Flat out some of the most beautiful single track I have ridden, like ribbons weaving through ferns. I would love to make a day long fat bike adventure out there with some sort of swimming at some point.  Creekcrossing a while riding were on my bucket list, and it brought me some refreshment mid ride.      My favorite section was towards the end, there were so many rocks it was just great.  I still have some dialing in on the scalpel to get it where I need it to be.  I am thankful "Brovack" showed me around and pushed me a bit... if I continue to ride there I may need to get a double in the front, something that hasn't been a part of my 1x drivetrains for the last decade. Jason took some pretty cool shot shots on the ride too...

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