Thinking of Seattle

In a few weeks I will be in Seattle for a few weeks with my bike.  Ready for the weather this time and hoping for the best.  Through the grips of social media I determined that I won't be flying with my bike, but instead I will see just what brown can do for me.  I fell in love with Seattle the last time I was out there, even when I wasn't doing something I love.  I will be riding my bike to work every single day and hopefully making it out on some fun rides while I am out there.  Maybe I will get to ride part of MT Rainier (not knowing the total elevation gain).

Last time I was in Seattle I built up a "slope" bike to play around and shred Duthie Hill MTB park on.  Lets just say Duthie was a game changer, it is full of 120 acres of lush trails to tease all of your skill levels.  I hope that somehow I get to make it out there, even though I am taking my Surly Cross Check, maybe there will be a loaner somewhere.

One thing I am not taking is a camera, super bummer to me, I must promise myself that by the following years trip I will secure another camera.  It is just awesome to experience the PNW through the lens, it allows you to see things differently.

So from Sep 18th through Oct 6 expect some amount of radness, from new products to cool scenery, but this time only through then lens of an iPhone.