Fatbiking... More Than Just For Snow!!!

Having ridden the fatbike two times in the last three days, my initial thought would have been surprise...  If you look at a Fatbike and think hey that thing has to be a pig, well then you are wrong.  Surly (the originators in production fat bikes) have created such a banger of a bicycle.  I felt like I was riding a rocketship some parts of my ride, and the other parts I had traction that I never knew existed.  I had a blast the last two rides, this bike changes everything and I fully believe that everyone should have a FATBIKE in their quiver.

Don't believe me, come ride one, City Cycle has some in stock, and others shipping this week.  We have Surly, Salsa, and Charge bikes, who are all producing fatbikes...

I'd like to thank #brovack for taking some awesome shots today..


some others at instagram @hopecyclery


Jason Novack said…
My thoughts on the Ride and my first ever Fatty Ride.