Friday, October 25, 2013

#radbikeoftheday Matteo's FBM Sword #allblackeverything

This dude just knows how to spec a bike.  Another killer unique build from Matteo,  I love this bike, the simplicity, and of course american steel holds a special place in my heart.  After this trip I have been plotting a Fixie build and I may end up using an FBM Sword frame for it.

Other than rad bikes, I could spend a lifetime in his garage...


Jason Novack said...

A fixie here in JTown is a death sentence....hell I had a friggin SCHOOL BUS run me off the road this summer on my road bike....luckily I had brakes.

But I do like the concept, and that is a Cool Build....Black is still, #CoolAsNight

Hope Cyclery said...

this thing rides sooo.... good and i may sign up for a fixie they are so much fun