Fatbike: Crusty The Clown & Other Shit Conditions

Fatbikes can do some amazing things.  After the snow/freezing rain combo last night what makes better sense than to go out for a ride?  Well there was no chance that a non fatbike could've led the pack today.  That being said the perfect combo of three fatbikes surely cleared the way for someone else to make their way through the trails.  I've never seen my normal riding buddy suffer , and today he worked harder for four miles clearing the trail than he has before !  If you see him, buy him a beer.  

Perks of fatbiking happen to include not having to take yourself or your ride seriously. Which happens to work well, it tends to lend itself to things like fatbike snow angels.  Wrecking attempting normally easy features, also hurts less, bonus when you land on your face.