Planning My First Tour: Cumberland Permanent #brovet 2

Growing up mountain biking I loved to get lost in the woods, as I get older I have built a respect for all types of cycling and cyclist.  In my quest for something new in cycling, and there isn't much I haven't tried, one thing is that I never got around to was touring of any sort.  

Last October I remember seeing the Instagram pictures of some crazy guys getting rad in the snow.  The photos gave some subtle clues as to the location of the second #brovet.  Living in Pittsburgh for a few years and returning two hours east to near where I grew up,  I knew this would be my best chance to complete a #brovet and secure a patch.  

Originally there was talks of riding fat bikes on the route, which would have been fun, but wouldn't have been the most practical.  We (my good friends Jesse, Novack, and myself) will be starting our journey on March 22, 2013.  I am super pumped at the thought of spending time riding longer distances with good friends from both coasts.  

In the planning stages, there are a few things that I am certain of, the day we start, and the bike I will be riding, my trusty Surly Cross Check.

I so badly want to secure a set of Swift Industries Panniers and an Ozette bag to keep most of the weight on the front of the bike,  I will probably mix it up with a Tangle Bag from Revelate as well.  Lets face it, this is a four day tour at max, so I don't really need to much, however I do plan on doing more tours, and my goal will be to complete all of the Yonder Journal Brovet Rides as they are released.  

Image owned by Swift Industries