Reviewed: Ergon GP1 L grip

I'll be honest I hated the thought of these grips, but I had been experiencing some pain in my wrists and shoulders while riding, you know the kind of pain that says 30 is close, but 50 is closer.  Not wanting to give into the fact that I am not 18 anymore and want to ride my bike for as long as I can I started searching for an alternative to skipping out on riding my rigid bike.  I was coaxed (see "bro you gotta get these, they're fucking tight")  by a good friend who I respect their opinion.  Since I don't respect many peoples opinion because they generally suck, I figured I should give this a go!  I'm not going to tell you how to install these, because lets face it, natural selection should take place if you can't figure it out on your own.

My first ride, after sitting with these grips on my bike whilst I battled the death plague the last three weeks, was a short one, but it was nice just to get out.  I can't say that it was because out the grips or that the Fatbike gods were in my favor but I cleaned a pretty fun rock garden that was giving me slack earlier in the year.  Regardless of the grips probably not being the determining factor in this I'm pretty pumped!

Second ride on these buggers was a gravel grinding ride,  unlike the first ride there wasn't a thing about this ride that was technical.  I mean technically it was fuggin cold out!  I need to work out my layering for the winter months (more on that later).  Touring style rides are where these grips should shine.  Right?  There were bits that I liked and bits that I didn't on this ride.  I felt the outer metal band, you know the one that clamps the grip onto the bars, was more pronounced on this type of ride.  Ergonomics definitely come into play when you are doing more of a touring style ride.  I like that I could use the end of the grips like a bar end, you're probably to young to remember them.  I feel that the grip can give you multiple hand positions which is extremely nice.

Do I think these grips are for everyone?  HELL NO!  Do I like them on this particular bike?  HELL YES!  Time will tell if I fall in love with these grips, but theres a good sign if I haven't already taken them off of my bike, they may happen to just stay put!


Jason Novack said…
<---this guy Loves them! A LOT!
Hope Cyclery said…
brovack, just put pforms on the fatty they are all time, the ergons are cool, these are cooler-er