Ride Report: Fatbiking Is An Arctic Blast!

 Theres something about fresh snowfall, a few years ago I would be yearning to get out and ski.  Now my skis are relegated to some corner of my basement, unmounted, unwaxed, and happily available for sale.  Riding a fat bike in the snow (and the summer) has brought a lot of fun back to riding,  it has also allowed me to come to grips with mountain biking being a four season sport.  Attempting to get around in the winters of years past makes realize that if would have just utilized the fat bike tool, I wouldn't have had a need for skiing.  Sounds crazy right?  Give fat biking a shot and you will understand.

We decided that during the dumping we got last week that we would get a different kind of "first tracks" this time the powder we craved was with our bikes.  It's is absolutely amazing to ride the trails with eight inches of fairly fresh snow.  The experience is pretty great.

Enjoy some pictures;