Monday, January 13, 2014

Up For Review: Swift Industries, Selle Anatomica, Salsa Lowrider Rack, Surly Cross Check for Touring

I know it looks like a lot of stuff, most of it will be getting some love at the same time.  

First Up I finally pulled the trigger on some Swift Industries Stuff after seeing them at the Seattle Bike Expo a while back.  Small American businesses are coming back, and this group that makes some of the most beautiful bags I have seen by hand out of Seattle makes me happy.

image owned by swift industries

Next Up, Selle Anatomica, another handmade in the states company, will be supporting my ass for the forceable future.  I am pretty happy to be using their Titanico NSX saddle for the Brovet, and making this my dedicated saddle.  Maybe if this turns out to be good will make its way onto all of my bikes.

I went with watershed mahogany nsx

image owned by selle anatomica

I will also be using a salsa lowrider rack, my current surly cross check, with some special changes to make it a better touring bike setup for a front load.  

All of this will be detailed in the coming months, I am looking forward to this Brevet, and if should be an incredible time.

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