#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Dave's Salsa Mukluk

Gold, in its purest form is lacking in luster, but once its refined it sure does pop.  Dave's Salsa is super refined, and has some of the deepest stock paint I have ever seen.  Refinement continues further with the enabler dropouts which allow for quick chain stay length adjustments and the ability to run single speed or an IGH once a 170mm option shows up.  The clearance on this thing is massive allowing you to run 4.8" tires should you want to (not necessary).  When I saw this bike in the sunlight I immediately said I wanted to dump my Moonlander on the spot for one of these, maybe next year.

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Jason Novack said…
The Gold is really awesome! The question always comes up....should I have gotten a Salsa over my Moonlander.....I say no, I can still ride with anyone with my fat fatty's. But do I wish my Moonlander looked as good as that thing? Fuck Yes!