#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: John's Custom Fatback Ti.

Positivity, this bike is positively gorgeous.  I've known John for a long time now, over a decade.  Coincidently I sold him his "first" MTB, an Ellsworth Moment.  Not to change the spec of thing that work from that bike to now, John is running Hopes (bar none still my favorite brake to this day).  Titanium is the material of choice for this #radbikeoftheday, and Fatback Left out nothing, even using Fatback branded Hadley hubs (next to King these are my favorite, I have a set that is 9 years old and it finally needed a bearing overhaul). I can't say enough good things about this bike, but good people ride good bikes!  Let your eyes do some walking.

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Jason Novack said…
Made by Lynskey? I see a swooping top tube, and a twisted down tube.