Friday, June 27, 2014

#RADBIKEOFTHEDAY: Salsa Fargo Fat Tire Tourer

It's no lie that I love some drop bars, drop bars on a MTB have a dear place in my heart…   A simpler time you say?  Sure, I just think about Johnny T blasting down some hills on a Yeti with drops.  My childhood was different,I grew up loving bikes, and trading in Gatorade showers for singletrack rippers.   This bike makes me think of a better time with a mortgage, car, and lack of time.  Enjoy these pictures.

Senor DeWitt joined us all the way from West Virginia to pick up this beautiful Salsa Fargo the other day, and you'll never guess, it reminded him of a better time, a simpler time, remember to get out on your bikes and slow time down a bit this weekend…

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